The Sport

In the early 1930s, George Nissen observed trapeze artistes performing tricks when bouncing off the safety net. He made the first modern trampoline in his garage to reproduce this on a smaller scale and used it to help with his diving and tumbling activities. He formed a company to build trampolines for sale and used a variant of the Spanish word trampolin (diving board) as a trademark. He used the trampoline to entertain audiences and also let them participate in his demonstrations as part of his marketing strategy. This was the beginnings of a new sport.

Trampolining is a competitive gymnastic sport. One performs a routine of complex combinations of somersaults and twists making only 10 contacts with the trampoline bed. There are three main positions in which rotations can be performed; pike, tuck and straddle. One can land on their; feet, front, back or in seat position.

There are three related sports; synchronized trampoline, tumbling (or power tumbling) and double mini-trampoline. Our club competes in all of the above :).