We train on:

  • Monday:             5 – 7pm
  • Tuesday:             7 – 9am
  • Wednesday:      5 – 7pm
  • Thursday:    4:30 – 7pm
  • Friday:                7 – 9am

in the hall of Mardyke Arena.

You can join us throughout the year and come whenever and as many times as you wish. Everybody is welcome regardless of their ability/skill level.




General advice:

  • Wear comfortable, not too loose sportswear and socks
  • Take off any jewellery
  • Tie back long hair
  • Warm up
  • Stand close to the trampoline and stay attentive (be prepared to push away people who bounce close to the edge of the trampoline)

When on trampoline:

  • Bend your knees to stop
  • No somersaults unless allowed and supervised by a coach
  • Land on both legs, in back, front or seat position
  • Do not lock your arms (a fall on locked arms can result in serious injury)

Remember to:

  • SOCIALISE, talk to the people next to you and make new friends! 🙂
  • ENJOY! It is a unique sport so avail of the opportunity to try it yourself!



Additional rules:

  • People should avoid coming in late and leaving early!
  • People must help put up the trampolines and take out the safety mats.
  • Only put up or take down a trampoline if you know what you’re doing and always in a safe manner. If you don’t know how, ask some one who does.
  • Take off your shoes. People must always wear socks (non-slip preferably) or trampoline shoes while on the trampoline.
  • If anyone is injured, the coach must be informed. The injured person must not be allowed to leave the hall alone and must fill out a report.
  • The trampoline area must be protected from stray balls/projectiles or any form of distraction.
  • There must be at least 1 spotter on each side of a trampoline at all times. If you need to leave ask someone to take over.
  • People should climb on to and off trampoline with stomach facing the trampoline.
  • People should participate in warm-up or do it themselves properly before going on trampoline.
  • Members of the committee and coaches must be obeyed at all times.