About Us

Currently, the club is run by 8 main committee members elected at the AGM in April and a First Year Rep who is elected at the EGM in late September. The roles are:

  • Captain/Vice-Captain.
  • Treasurer.
  • Head Coach.
  • Events Officer.
  • Secretary.
  • Public Relations Officer.
  • Welfare Officer.

This October we will also be electing an OCM, to help with the organisation and running of Munster Open and Intervarsities.

All committee members are vital in order to run the club and create a professional but also friendly environment. The committee is comprised of first, second and third year students. Many of us had a gymnastic experience before joining UCC Trampoline Club, however several were new to the sport when they joined.

In addition, there are numerous experienced members who can set-up equipment, coach others and participate in trainings with the 20 – 25 regular, active members.

We have a good relationship with many clubs in Ireland and the UK. We see each other at social events and competitions, both being a big part of the club.

Finally, being a popular club among students, we have a lot of people joining us every semester to try something new and exciting. Why not give it a go? We operate under an open door policy, meaning that you can come along at any time during the year and try it out!